About Us

The Cocktailery Team | © Dana Gray Studio

Originally established as Liberate Your Palate  in Charlotte, NC in 2015, The Cocktailery, was created as an expanded offering to our original beverage experience brand.

Since the beginning, our mission has been to “take the mystery out of mixology” and make the process of crafting delicious cocktails more approachable for the at-home cocktail enthusiastic.

We do this in three simple ways:

Knowledge: You can join us for both public and private hands-on cocktail classes in-person in our cocktail studio or virtually. In our engaging and interactive classes you will learn about the history of cocktails and the techniques necessary to create cocktails that are balanced, memorable and easy to create at home.

Choice: We offer an in-store and online shopping experience with a price range of products suited for your budget.

Quality: We select and build relationships with our suppliers to insure that we are providing you with products that are high quality and thoughtfully-crafted. We support small businesses as much as possible. Our experienced staff regularly samples our curated selection of products so that we can to deliver a high-quality customer service experience each and every time




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