Tamu Curtis

CEO + Founder (*aka* Queen of All the Things)
Favorite Cocktail: Mezcalita

As a proud “Cali girl”, UCLA Graduate and Oakland, CA native, Tamu forged a reputation for being able to promote and enrich the brands of some of the world’s most prestigious brands while living in Los Angeles for more than twenty years. Known as an international culinary destination, as well as the epicenter of bright lights and all things trending you could say her extraordinary ability to “put on a show” is a happy by-product of her environment. During her career she produced year-round marketing campaigns and one-off activations for clients in the Entertainment, Retail, Beauty, and Home and Accessories industries.

In 2012 Tamu moved to Charlotte and decided to pursue her passion for all things luxury and experience-driven, in the rapidly growing city. The result became Liberate Your Palate, a company founded in 2015 that provided experiential beverage events such as curated cocktail tours in Charlotte and Charleston, SC. Liberate Your Palate began conducting its popular “pop-up” cocktail classes in 2016 designed specifically for the at- home enthusiast before expanding the concept and launching, The Cocktailery.

When Tamu is not working on “all the things”, you can find her traveling and exploring new cocktail and culinary trends, stuffing her suitcase full of spices (because she is a spice hoarder and over-packer), putting her avid home-cooking skills to task or laughing way too loud at a bar with friends and a cocktail in hand