Bittermens Transatlantic Bitters
Bittermens Transatlantic Modern Aromatic Bitters

Bittermens "Transatlantic Modern" Aromatic Bitters

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  • Bittermens Transatlantic Modern Aromatic Bitters has a base that includes gentian, clove, allspice and cinnamon
  • From the iconic Italian Fernet, we fortify the bitterness in a touch of aloe and chicory
  • From the Alpine Amaro tradition, we add in chamomile and dandelion
  • From the tradition of German digestives, we incorporate cherry bark and licorice
  • Contains sixteen botanicals that make up the unique aromatic offering
  • Kosher Certified and GMO-Free
  • No sugar, no artificial anything, no added colorings
  • 5oz bottle
  • Note: Bittermens products do not contain any gluten, but may be manufactured in facilities that handle gluten