Weds. March 16th: Shake, Sip and Roll - Sushi and Sake Cocktails

Join us as we welcome Birmingham Sushi Class Company for a hands-on sushi and sake cocktail class

About this experience

We are excited to welcome Kelly from the uber popular Birmingham Sushi Class Company to Charlotte to teach a series of hands-on sushi rolling classes along with a  lesson on sake cocktails led by Tamu Curtis.

Here's what you'll learn in this beginning sushi making class:

  1. How to properly make perfect sushi rice, every time

  2. How to make all of the sauces you love at the sushi bar, including eel sauce and bangbang

  3. Where to shop and what to buy (and most importantly, what not to buy)

  4. How to handle and serve raw fish at home according to health department regulations

  5. Hands-on rolling with the instructor

  6. Every student receives two sushi rolls each to eat during class(we make one, you make the other) 

Upon arriving to the class you will be served a unqiue sake cocktail to enjoy while you learn about sushi. In-between sushi instruction you will get a hands-on lesson one how to make another sake cocktail with Tamu that will be perfect to pair with your finished sushi rolls.



Covid - 19 Policy:
We are a fully vaccinated staff and believe we are obligated to protect our staff and their families and to offer a safe place for our guests to relax and socialize. 

All guests who are planning to attend a cocktail class must be fully vaccinated 14 days prior to their class. Proof of vaccination will be required at check-in. 

Acceptable documents of immunization:

1. Official CDC issued Vaccination Record Card
2. Photo on your phone of your CDC Vaccination Record Card. 

There are no exceptions to this rule. We do not offer refunds due to not adhering to our COVID-19 vaccination policy. 

Your Host

Host image

Birmingham Sushi Classes is a two person team.

Bonnie is our reservation wrangler, question answerer, website builder, travel
coordinator and all around BSC guru.

Kelly is our sushi instructor and is in her 10th year of working as a sushi chef, with an additional 15 years of professional cooking.

We started dabbling in teaching people how to make sushi at home in 2011 because customers at the sushi bar kept asking if we could "come to their house and show them how to make sushi?"

By 2013, we had a pretty good little side hustle going. In 2016, Kelly was able to quit her job behind the sushi bar and focus on the business full-time.

Since we began this little project, we've had over 12,000 people take the class in 16 different states.