Understanding Mezcal
Understanding Mezcal

Understanding Mezcal

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By: James Schroder

Understanding Mezcal is a life's-work by renowned agave expert Jay Schroeder that, for the first time in print, puts all the pieces of the mezcal puzzle in one place. The groundbreaking book aims to serve as an encyclopedia of the mezcal world, examining the spirit from every angle including tradition, science, economics and biology. The snappy book, which Chef Rick Bayless calls a "must", will put readers in the head of Schroeder as he dives deep into the world of the spirit while delivering reams of information in a light and humorous tone.

Sections include: Mezcal as a Term, Agave, Agave & Humans, Making Mezcal, Distillation, Agave Types, Economic Realities, On Tradition, The State of Tequila, and The Future. Understanding Mezcal is work that will set the bar for spirits writing moving forward. Much of the book, which features more than 70 hand-drawn illustrations by Mexico City-based illustrator Polly Jiménez, contains source material that has never before been published on the topic.

This is a bookshelf mainstay for any bartender who has a bottle of mezcal on the back bar.