Rebel Rabbit Delta 8 Mandarin Orange Seltzer - 4 Pack

Rebel Rabbit Delta 8 Mandarin Orange Seltzer - 4 Pack

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Enjoy all-natural, low-calorie, spectacularly delicious non-alcoholic seltzer designed to sparkle your senses - without any of alcohol's nasty side effects. Unlike the hard stuff, our hydrating concoction is infused with the perfect amount of Delta 8.

12 oz

What is Delta 8:

Delta-8 (delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol) is a new popular cannabis compound similar to its more popular cousin delta-9 THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Delta-9 and delta-8 are both analogues of THC. If you have had any encounters with “pot” or “weed” it was most likely delta-9 THC.

Difference in Delta 8 vs. Delta 9

Delta-8 gets you high, but not the same kind of high as delta-9 THC. Users of both report a high, happy, euphoric, relaxed feeling that even helps with nausea and insomnia. However, due to delta-9’s potency, users also report feelings of paranoia and anxiety. Delta-8 users actually prefer the mellow and smooth high that foregoes these negative effects. This milder high that delta-8 provides is often referred to as “marijuana-lite” or “diet weed”.

****With Delta 8 THC having minimal drug testing research, it is not clear if a consumer taking these products would fail or pass a drug test, but because it is so closely related to Δ9 THC it is possible it can show up positively on a drug test. All cannabinoids are assumed to show the presence of cannabis in this case. It is advised that the use of any products that contain THC content should be used at your own discretion.****


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