Bitter Truth "Orange Bitters"

Bitter Truth "Orange Bitters"

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The Classic Orange Bitters

Orange bitters were the natural successor of aromatic bitters when new distillation methods led to a lighter type of spirit. The first orange bitters were released in the 1880s, a time when many classic cocktails such as the Martinez and Manhattan were created. Today they are still the most versatile bitters and essential for the preparation of a Dry Martini Cocktail.

The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters are a combination of sweet and bitter orange peel, several herbs and spices macerated in alcohol. A traditional marmalade scent sets off act one of The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters on the nose. This is followed by delicate notes of spices like sweet cinnamon and nutmeg. At first taste, cardamom and caraway make an entrance and then bow out with true orange peel oil. The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters supports the character of the traditional Dry Martini Cocktail and pairs well with any other type of spirit or liqueur.

6.7 oz