Karla Escobar

Karla Escobar | The Cocktailery © Dana Gray Studio

Merchandising Manager (*aka* The Community Schmoozer)
Favorite Cocktail: Shot of Tequila

Bay-Area native, Karla Escobar, first transitioned her California roots to Charlotte, NC five years ago. Karla has over 20 years of Early Childhood Education focusing on the Montessori Philosophy and has served as Director of Schools and Spanish Immersion Program Coordinator in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Charlotte. Apart from her love of teaching and language, she also holds a full-time position as a dedicated wife and Super-Mom to three children.

Karla’s intrinsic ability in the realm of hospitality traces directly back to her Salvadoran heritage. She attributes her passion for entertaining to the vivid childhood memories she has of her own mother hosting large family parties. She vicariously learned the significance of everything from choosing the right shade tablecloth to ensuring that no guests’ glass was ever empty

Her professional introduction to the craft cocktail scene began when working as a server/assistant for Liberate Your Palate’s events. As the company expanded, so did Karla’s curiosity. After joining the team on an immersive market research business venture, this self-proclaimed “Corona and a shot of tequila with lime kind of girl” vastly shifted her perspective to the art behind the craft cocktail. Currently, she assists in managing the logistics behind the brand and continues to explore innovative ways to contribute to its success.