Ashley Thompson

Ashley Thompson | The Cocktailery © Dana Gray Studio

Cocktail Instructor (*aka* The Go-Getter)
Favorite Cocktail: Old Fashioned

My name is Ashley Thompson, a Charlotte native with proud South Carolina roots that run deep. I have been in restaurant/ bar industry for sixteen years and have spent the past seven years expanding my knowledge and falling in love with all kinds of beverage experiences from cocktails to craft beer, wine, spirits, and sake. I have always been passionate about the creativity that mixology incorporates into the social interactions that come with working behind the bar. I’m basically obsessed with the culinary experience in its entirety. The way food and drinks bring people together, the way their face lights up when they experience something amazing for the very first time, it warms my soul.

When I’m not shaking up great cocktails or sharing my cocktail knowledge, I’m spending time with my son Kingston and exposing him to our Southern culture while ensuring my ancestor’s legacies lives on.