Sat. August 13th: Journey Through Agave Spirits

An Immersive Mezcal and Tequila Experience

About this experience

This class is about more than just cocktails, it's about taking a sensory journey to the heart of Mexico's artisan spirit culture. After returning from a 10 day immersive cultural trip to Oaxaca I am excited to share my experience with you.  You'll be guided through the creation of 3 distinctive mezcal/tequila cocktails while learning about layering flavors and the cultural significance of the ingredients you'll be using. If you like your cocktails with a kick, this is for you. 

Your Host

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Tamu Curtis is the owner of The Cocktailery and has been instructing cocktail classes in Charlotte since 2016.

Favorite Spirit - Mezcal
Motto - "Life is like a chicken breast, it's what you make out of it."